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D E N N I S  W A R S H A L  S T E E L  S C U L P T U R E



Tower for Stones:Installed at the Hills of Eternity Cemetery funded by the Sacred Journeys Project of Temple de Hirsch Sinai. The Jewish tradition of placing a stone on a loved one's grave marker has been facilitated with this beautiful supply of stones. The base is basalt and the copper bowl rests on a copper nest. There are 17 cobalt recycled drops representing the Jewish number for Life, 18, less memory of the one who has died. It was a powerful and meaningful project. 2015


Temple Beth Shalom Gate, Seattle WA, decorative themed gate for courtyard using forged steel and woven wire fabric, 2003


Kline Galland Home Patio Spiral, Seattle WA, “From Generation to Generation” dedicated spiral themed, free standing sculpture 8’ diameter x 14’ tall with forged and cut steel elements on a steel rod frame and base, 2006.


Hebrew Prayer Screen, gifted to Temple de Hirsch Sinai by the donor, the three articulating 5’x7’ screens combine to represent the Shema prayer, 1996..

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