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Who are the principals of Dennis Warshal Arts & Events?  


Dennis Warshal is the President and Chief Creative Officer of the company. Since 1992, Dennis has been engaged in planning and staging events for The Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Art Museum, Pilchuck Glass School, the University of Washington Alumni Association, The Fifth Avenue Theatre, Washington State University, Jewish Family Service, and Seattle Rotary Club. 


Claudia Eberly is Design and Operations Director.

With more than 25 years experience in commercial and retail floral design, sales and event design, Claudia's skills in project management and operations are crucial to our success. Dennis provides the creative overview and detail ideas for events, while Claudia brings organizational & floral design skills to the table.  


Can you briefly tell me how you design my event?

We meet with you to find out the objective of your event and to understand the desired elements and ambiance. We visualize the completed event, and identify each element - from location to completion. We then develop a proposal and the collaborative process begins.
What is an appropriate budget?
There are two approaches to budget. Either you present a budget range within which we will work, or we design the event based on your vision and review production costs together. Once the budget is confirmed, and the design proposal accepted, we proceed with production.


How do you charge for your services?

Our proposals include charges for the specific items we produce or handle for you (floral, lighting, signage, etc). There will be an Event Labor Charge for production labor. Delivery, installation and removable charges cover the transportation of the décor to the event site, meticulous installation of all décor elements to perfection, and removal of these items after the event.


Will you fabricate and produce my own design?
Yes, we are often asked to implement a client's design, and we are prepared and energized to bring the your dream to reality.

Will my event be original?
Every event at Dennis Warshal Arts & Events is a custom designed event. We never have, nor ever will produce a duplicate event. You can be assured that your event will reflect your goal and ideas, and yours alone.

Do you collaborate with other designers?
On occasions we have been part of a multi-managed event, in which we are selected to complete our element of the total event. We are "turf friendly", and enjoy working with other talented and experienced providers, however we maintain the creative and planning lead in your event.


Frequently Asked Questions

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