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When you first contact us, you let us know about your event. You may wish to save the date on our calendar, and a deposit will hold the date until the decor/floral proposal is accepted. (This deposit will be applied to your balance, when the proposal is accepted.) We recommend that you reserve the date a minimum of 9 months prior to the event, as many dates become quite popular.
Informational mailing: We e-mail a client questionaire and an informational page about us and about our policies. The information you provide in the questionaire allows us to cover all the necessary topics during our consultation. The moreinformation you provide, the better we can tailor your proposal. You return the questionaire via e-mail and contact us to set a date and time for a consultation.
We meet for a consultation. If possible, it's best to meet at the venue where your event will take place. If that is not available, we can make other arrangements.
A proposal specific to your needs is created, and sent to you within 15 working days. A second meeting is set up
so that we may go over the proposal with you and answer any questions you may have.

How The Process Works

At the second meeting, we will go over all aspects of your event, and make whatever changes you might desire.
If the proposal is accepted, we will ask you for 50% of the estimated total of your event as a down payment.
The balance may be made in payments, or in a lump sum, as you desire, but the total must be paid at least 3 weeks before the event.
Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation three or more months before the event, 40% of the balance will be
due. A cancellation less than three months prior to the event will increase that amount to 50%.
An additional consultation (generally by phone or e-mail) to finalize any remaining details will take place 15 working days before your event. At this point, your bill will be paid in full. (Any last-minute additions will be billed after the event.)
On the date of the event, we will install floral and decor, props, linens and take care of any other details that we have discussed, to ensure you a perfect day!
After the event, we will follow up with you, and send you a 'de-briefing' questionnaire, to see how everything went, and how we did. (We may use your responses in our promotional materials).

We look forward to working with you, and making your event an
ettable success!​

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